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Everything you need to know that is happening on Saturday 8th July at the Norfolk Deaf Festival..

Saturday 8th July (21 × 29.7cm)PO.png

Feel free to download, print or screenshot the programme as we will not have paper copies available this year.


We will also have this exact programme running on the boards throughout The Forum and or ask any volunteer or Committee Member (in the yellow NDF shirts) should need any help or directions.

Don't forget to
do the Quiz to
find my name!

Plan your day..

Looking at Humour
in English and BSL

Find a range of stalls in the Atrium at The Forum - interact, learn and find information from all the services, make sure to say hi!

Here is a list of the stalls that will be attending on Saturday 8th July.

Outside The Forum....


Copy of BSL humour panel talk.png

Down in the Auditorium we have two showings surrounding our theme 'comedy' 

1pm Saturday 8th July

Join our panel discussion with comedians (and this years hosts!) Gavin Lilley and Flow TV alongside Dr Jules Dickinson.

2.30pm Saturday 8th July

Followed by the first stop on the 'Deaffest on Tour' and book your tickets to see 10 short films all done by deaf directors and/or include deaf actors/performing actors. The films are listed below so make sure to check them out! 

Please be advised to consider suitability for young viewers and anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult for the screening.

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